Factors That Influence the Outcome of a Personal Injury Case

If you are a vehicle accident victim or you were involved in another type of accident due to others’ negligence, you should consult with and retain an experienced personal injury lawyer to assist you in pursuing fair compensation as soon as possible. The outcome of your personal injury case depends on several factors, but the severity of your injuries is undeniably a decisive factor. So if you have a personal injury case and you’re looking for the best legal assistance in California, you should consider a free consultation with one trusted and experienced personal injury lawyer. The experience and competence of your legal counsel is also a key factor that influences the amount of compensation that you will actually get.

Back and neck injuries typically range from soft tissue injuries and whiplash to disc injuries and spinal cord injuries. Herniated discs may require one or more surgeries, while spinal cord injuries almost always require considerable rehabilitation. Cases that involve spinal cord injuries often settle for $1 million or more, depending on potentially permanent disabilities that they may cause. For severe spinal cord injuries, you should expect to get a compensation of $3 million or more when represented by one of the reputable and compassionate personal injury law firms that have recovered more than $50 million in compensatory damages for their clients.

A law firm that works on a contingency fee basis and has a proven track record for success in handling PI cases will help you obtain the most favorable outcome. This fee arrangement, ‘no fee until we win” gives you access to the best-in-class legal representation without paying any legal fees out of your own pocket. In the unlikely case that your PI claim proves unsuccessful, you will not pay them anything.

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