Finding A Real Estate Investor

Real estate is always an excellent investment. Whether you’re individual thinking of buying your first property or a business wanting to expand by investing in real estate, property assets are a great way to start. However, having capital for it is a wholly different story.

Thus, people who are looking to buy or build properties look for real estate investors. However, getting discouraged by others who say that finding a real estate investor is hard shouldn’t be a thing. There are several places and people to look at to become a real estate investor, and they’re closer to you than you think. You can look for real estate partners such as to help you get started on your real estate journey.

Who Can Be A Real Estate Investor?

1. Family

Family members can act as real estate investors, especially if they have savings. They can be investors in what could even be a family business, as renting or selling real estate properties are very lucrative.

2. Individuals with funds

Some people seek to invest their excess funds in businesses and properties. These people put their money into real estate and earn from rental fees or commissions.

3. Real estate investment groups

Groups like these have pooled their various financial resources and share their capital. They also help you navigate the real estate market and give you ideas on how to earn from your initial investments.

4. Real estate investment projects such as investinkona are real estate hedge funds. They gather pledges from other investors and capital sharers, which they build then sell or rent land and properties.

5. Venture capital firms primarily fund start-up companies and small businesses and fund real estate ventures. Since it’s a very lucrative business, venture capital firms have a lot to earn from financing real estate.

The Real Estate Investment Process

There are several ways to secure a real estate investor. You can either come to family and friends, find a real estate investment group in your local area, or you can do crowdfunding. Staying active on social media and being vocal about your search for an investor can help you, especially if you’ve already prepared the preliminary documents.

It’s also good to have your pitch on potential investment opportunities ready if a real estate investor comes your way. It may be a long and tiring process, but don’t give up. However, don’t settle for the first investor who comes or the cheapest.


Real estate investors need not be large companies. They can be anyone, as long as they know who they’re working with and what they’re investing in. Investinkona is one such example of a real estate investment group with a few employees but has ample capital funding.