What Are the Key Sources of Trader Joe’s Competitive Advantage?

If you are lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s, you have the benefit of a constantly changing, creative and always fun selection of items at one of the quirkiest food store chains in the country. There are all kinds of reasons to love TJ’s.

Prices are competitive throughout the store, and unlike the mega-chains, you don’t need to buy enough food for an army if you want to save money. They accept third-party coupons although you might have a hard time finding some of the national brands since TJ’s has their own. The selection is constantly changing and being updated to match the season as well as the preferences of customers. Heck, you can even buy beautiful fresh flowers and plants.

What’s more, both customers and staff members receive the royal treatment. Getting help at TJ’s is actually a pleasure. You might even find yourself engaged in a lengthy conversation about your various choices of trader joe’s trail mix with a knowledgeable and cheerful associate.

If you plan to be serving appetizers anytime soon or just want to restock your pantry, making a TJ’s run is a must. That’s because they not only have delicious wines at preposterously affordable prices but also stock a wide selection of cheeses from all over the world, also priced to sell.

Even the signage at your local Trader Joe’s has that unique human flair. That’s because each is hand-designed by a member of the store’s crew.
Even if you don’t know what you need but just want a break from the norm, take a trip to TJ’s. You’ll love the trader joe’s trail mix , the free samples and the ongoing bag raffle that encourages you to use cloth bags. You may never visit a boring big box market again.