Ideal nose. Close up of a womans face with a medical dressing on the nose after cosmetic surgery

Rhinoplasty Expert – Robert Kotler MD

Surgical procedures are costly; if they are cosmetic in nature, the cost can be even higher. And, because they typically are not covered by insurance, you are going to pay these bills out of pocket. You’ll want to have the best surgeon doing the work for you. So, how do you go about choosing a specialist when you have to have a rhinoplasty procedure performed? Robert Kotler MD is a leading specialist in the field you can rely upon.

Choosing a surgeon 

Step one is finding the right surgeon. Some of the ways you can go about doing this include

– Visiting online review sites

– Comparing specialists in rhinoplasty, including Robert Kotler MD

– Learning about their credentials, specialization, and how long they’ve done this work

– Understanding the procedure, equipment used, dangers, and other information before you go under the knife.

The more well-informed you as a patient, the more likely it is that the procedure is going to go well and that you are going to select the right surgeon for the job.

Recovery and Rehab- 

Cosmetic surgery is painful and you are going to have some down time once the rhinoplasty procedure has been completed. Some patients are going to feel extreme pain and pressure in the face. Others are going to have difficulties breathing. And, some are going to require the use of several pain killers and medication, in order to help them get through the early phases of recovery, the swelling, and the discomfort they are going to feel. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the recovery process, and how long it is going to be, before you see the results you want to see. For this reason, you’ll have to choose a reputable surgeon and one who is honest with you about your expectations, so that you are not disappointed once the procedure is performed.

You have several options when it comes to choosing a surgeon for rhinoplasty, but not all surgeons are going to do the job properly, and not all are going to inform you of the recovery process after your surgery. When you want to have the top surgeon doing the work, and want to know the surgical procedure is going to be done in a safe facility, the choice is clear. Robert Kotler MD is a great surgeon when you’re preparing for a rhinoplasty and want to ensure the work’s done to the highest standards, and done safely.