Engagement is the Time When the Primary Focus Should be on Planning the Wedding.

Thinking on how to choose your perfect wedding venue? A good venue will not only make your wedding day memorable but also set the right tone of the day. Therefore choosing your wedding venue should be taken seriously to get everything in place. With thousands of venue to choose from, how will you know on the perfect venue for you?

The in-depth guide below seeks to explore the different ways of finding the perfect Austin wedding venues to make your day unforgettable. 

Decide on the date

The first step is picking a specific date you would like to have your wedding. Once you have the date, you can now proceed to book a venue that will be available on the date. Remember you’re not the only bridal group looking for a wedding venue. Others too will have booked the venue so picking date will enable you to find a vacant venue on that day. 

Set a Budget

You don’t just go looking for a wedding venue the same way you do shopping in a mall. You must first know the amount of money you can afford for your whole wedding. Now how much will you afford to spare for the venue itself? Remember a wedding venue usually takes a big pie of your budget so have a budget first.

The cost

Once you have decided on a certain venue, it’s important to ask for any other extra costs. Don’t rush into signing a contract you don’t fully understand. Some wedding venues come with additional costs such as tents, chairs, catering services and more. 


Where would you like to have your wedding? You need to book the perfect Austin wedding venues that are convenient to access. Is it accessible through public transport means or private? Also, is there enough parking lot for your guests?


You don’t want a venue that will not comfortably accommodate your guests. Also, too spacious venues will make the wedding look deserted. The key is to know the number of expected guests then choose Austin wedding venues that will accommodate them and give your day a lively atmosphere. 


Here, you need to decide on how you want your wedding event to appear. Do you want a formal or just a casual setting? Also, choose a venue that matches the theme and style of the wedding.


Who will provide catering services on the day? Are you planning to outsource catering services? Ask if the wedding venue can provide such services and if so, then consider the diet needs of your guests. 

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