Can You Trade In a Leased Car Early to Buy Another Car From a Different Dealership

Buying and selling a vehicle is something that most people look forward to with pride and much anticipation. They ponder the question, where can I sell my car in Los Angeles? When you go to a dealership to browse for a new car, keep in mind the options that you have for the old one. The salesman will politely inform you of a trade in price, but usually it is not as much as you might get if you sell it yourself. This is the type of decision that you will make to get the most for your old car.

After going to the dealer to learn what they will give you as a trade in on your car, check out these options when asking yourself where can I sell my car in Los Angeles

  • eBay: You can list your car on ebay, but there is a listing fee, and a final value fee for this service. Uploading a picture of your car is simple.
  • Craigslist: This service is a little different in that there is no listing fee, and the car will get less exposure.
  • Auto Trader: With this service you can sell or trade your car. There is a fee to list your vehicle, but it only lasts for a certain period of time.
  • You can place an ad in your local newspaper. This method may result in slow responses, but you can choose to sell or trade.
  • If you choose to use one of these options, compare the price that you requested to the price that the dealership offered. Add in all of the fees that it would incur to see where you would get the better value for your old car.

Selling your vehicle using any of these avenues will mean that you will possibly get your asking price, but getting the car to the buyer may be expensive, and all of the extra fees will result in a larger sum to pay out. Selling the car may mean that you will have money left over once you make the down payment on another car. Whether you are selling or trading in your old car, you want to get the best value for it. Trade-ins at dealerships will normally bring in less money even though you are getting a substantial down payment. Consider the value of your car before you sell or trade.